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Corruption quiz

Corruption quiz

1. Prince Bernhard was the consort of the Dutch queen. Kakuei Tanaka was Prime Minister of Japan. They were implicated in a multi-country bribery scandal involving which American corporation in the 1970s?

2. Sanjeev Chawla owned a garments and cheap fashion accessories store called Toro located on London’s Oxford Street. What did an investigation into him lead to?

3. Kickbacks from foreign companies go back a long way in Indian history. What was the incident of the Red Treaty and the White Treaty?

4. In 1980, the Thal Vaishet fertiliser facility was being set up in India. The government awarded the contract to Snamprogetti, which had not been shortlisted because it didn’t meet tender norms. K.V. Ramananthan, the chemicals and fertilisers secretary, protested and was bypassed for the cabinet secretary’s job, falling victim to Ottavio Quattrocchi. Which politician became Ramananthan’s son-in-law?

5. Why was Arvind Kejriwal’s hometown in the news in 2011?

6. Which American vice-president resigned after criminal charges of bribery and tax evasion?

7. When he left India following the IPL scandal, there were reports that Lalit Modi would take up the citizenship of another country, since his wife was a friend of the wife of that country’s president. Which country is it?

8. It is an expansive country manor in Normandy, France, and known as the “House of the White Queen”. Why is it infamous?

9. What was the 1997 Paul Greengrass film The Fix based on?
10. In 1957, industrialist Haridas Mundhra got the government-owned LIC to invest `1.24 crore in the shares of six troubled companies belonging to him. LIC lost most of the money. Who raised this scandal in Parliament, causing embarrassment to the Jawaharlal Nehru government?

11. Which sportsman returned to competition at a World Cup after a two-year ban for match-fixing and ended the tournament by winning the best player award?

12. How is Mark Felt better known in history?

13. In Biblical lore, Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Who betrayed whom for 1,100 pieces of silver?

14. She studied at the Sorbonne in Paris. She was once arrested for beating up her first husband. Two prime ministers attended her second wedding. Her employer saw her as an adopted daughter. Who is she?

15. In showbiz, what sort of underhand tactic is referred to as “papering the house”?

16. He once lived in Chicago, where he worked in the family restaurant. He returned home when his brother became president. He was accused of enriching himself by running a drug-smuggling empire. In 2011, he was assassinated. Who are we talking about?

17. Malik Jiwan was a tribal chieftain in Balochistan. Whom did he betray?

18. He is a former chairman of Nasdaq and is scheduled to end his prison term on November 14, 2139, assuming good behaviour. Who is he?

19. In December 2010, FIFA awarded the 2018 and 2022 soccer World Cups to surprise-choice countries. In 2011, this led to bribery accusations and a corruption investigation. Which two countries had won the rights so controversially?

20. In 1960, the US Congress passed amendments to the Communications Act of 1934 after a furore about fixing in which particular activity on live television?


1. Lockheed Corporation, the military aircraft manufacturer.

2. Cricket’s match-fixing scandal in April 2000. Chawla’s phone was tapped in an extortion case and, quite by chance, the Delhi police heard him doing deals with Hansie Cronje.

3. When Robert Clive was negotiating with Mir Jafar before the Battle of Plassey, the go-between was a Calcutta-based Punjabi fixer named Omichund (Amir Chand). He asked for five per cent of Bengal’s treasury as his kickback. Clive agreed and drew up two treaties between Omichund and the East India Company, one with the five per cent clause and one without. Omichund was given one, and cheated with the other.

4. Jairam Ramesh, now Union minister for rural development.

5. Hissar, Haryana, was the location of a parliamentary by-election and India Against Corruption’s controversial campaign against the Congress candidate.

6. Spiro Agnew, Richard Nixon’s vice-president.

7. Iceland.

8. Initially registered in the name of Asif Zardari’s parents, it is supposed to be part of the property Benazir Bhutto and her husband invested in using bribes received abroad while she was Prime Minister of Pakistan in
the 1990s.

9. The British football betting scandal of 1964, in which eight footballers from top clubs, including Sheffield Wednesday, were jailed for betting against their own teams.

10. Feroze Gandhi.

11. Paolo Rossi of Italy, in the 1982 FIFA World Cup.

12. As Deep Throat, the FBI official who was Washington Post’s secret source during the Watergate Scandal.

13. Delilah betrayed Samson to the Philistines.

14. Rebekah Brooks, chief executive of News International, Rupert Murdoch’s key representative in the United Kingdom and a woman who lost her job due to the phone hacking scandal.

15. Giving away free tickets and packing the hall on the opening day of a play or film to make it appear a commercial success.

16. Ahmed Wali Karzai, brother of President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan.

17. Dara Shikoh, leading to the Mughal prince’s killing by his brother Aurangzeb.

18. Bernard Madoff, pronounced guilty of running a Ponzi scheme and defrauding thousands of investors in the United States.

19. Russia (2018) and Qatar (2022).

20. Quiz shows, after the scandal involving the show Twenty One. The film The Quiz Show was based on this episode.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Social Image (image speaks billion stories)

Social Image
(Image speaks billion stories) 

I hope so many don’t know about these two personalities in the below picture if you see them in an over look what is your feeling? (please write your feelings at comments box)

i saw this image in an online news web page 

for your more intense understanding  i draw some arrow lines please go through with the below image 

 if u saw the above image not only me so many (some may be not) think that "A Old man giving shake-hand  with his right hand and the left hand of that old person was there on that middle aged women's lap" according to the image. And also that old persons looks were also greedy at other side her looks and smile was very artificial and more over that she sat on a office table in front to him. beyond this i am not able to explain you what was my first understanding about this pic on a News site with all other scams, film & serial  gossips, now a days office sex harassment, heroins over undressing pics, Etc. 

now ill tell the fact about this pic 

this is the web page

Zoom 1

Finally zoomed image with header 

she is his daughter and he is her father 

some facts about these Daughter & Father 

He is a well known personality in India and also all over the world his name is Dr Prathap C. Reddy  M.D, MBBS, FCCP, FICA, FRCS (Hony) is a cardiologist and entrepreneur who founded the first corporate chain of hospitals in India – the Apollo Hospitals Group.
Prathap C Reddy was conferred with second highest civilian award, the Padma Vibhushan in March 2010.

And the woman was Ms. Sangita Reddy, Executive Director - Operations, Apollo Hospitals Groups, his own daughter. Ms. Sangita leads the Human Resources and IT functions across all divisions of the Group & she graduated in Science with Honors from the Women's Christian College in Chennai, India. She had taken post-graduate and executive courses in Hospital Administration from Rutgers University and Harvard University and National Singapore University in Singapore.

as per the news heading this image contended news about Apollo hospital, how they grow up and how she means her daughter helped in the growth story, whats their future plans and all.  

the news link is 

I don't have any intention to break the image of Dr Prathap C. Reddy & Ms. Sangita Reddy my intention is this image of them is having some problem. this is a case study for all.

 Now the real Issue 

To a common man and also for a well know personality like the above the social images was very important.  
Images passes lot of  good and also bad about you specially with well known personalities images speaks lot & lives for longer time in the society. Now a days media also very bad in spreading words 
so we must be very careful in our social images, when we are posing for a social image we should cross check with that image and also we have to study where this image is going to post and what are the possible replications form this image.

Now a days technical advancement also causes lot of damages if you post a image now with in 3 mints if you deleted form the web in between the 3 mints some Billions of web users can access your Image they may save your image may be that will be used for a wrong purpose. 

so take care of those images which you post on web,
take care when you are using web & web cams at internet centers 

happy imaging. enjoy the web surfing with care. 


Saturday, October 6, 2012

<<Pull them (us) form the development path

Less communal violence, technology up gradation, good natural resources usage, nuclear power generation, best educational system, competitive nature in the society and so on all these good traits leads to good development in any society or in any country.

There is a common rule now days, if you are “Rich” there are to ways to be always rich or Richer
1. Develop your self and get Richer
2. Stop others becoming rich (pull them back & back & back& back& back& back)

In the place of “Rich” you can put so many other words like Powered, Muscled, intellectual, equipped, Popular, talented there are lot of words you can include.  

Here I am going to tell you some Big Back pulling live examples of Indian society.

Tourism gives huge money to any country when India is getting good foreign currency from that they Bombed at Mumbai at Taj Hotel to 
<<<<<<<<<=================== Pull “US” 4m(From)D(the) Development Path.

Kudankulam (Srikakulam and other places also) Nuclear Plant was a most secure plant in the world the certificate was given by the former Indian President & also Tamilians social icon but still Protesters are with the huge foreign Funding NGO’s to <<<<<<<<<====<<<<<=====<<<<========= Pull “US” 4m D Development Path.

Manual Jihad became an SMS & internet Jihad more advanced to disturb communal harmony especially in the festival time to make effect form Assam to Bangalore to
<<<<<<<<<====<<<<<=====<<<<========= Pull “US” 4m D Development Path.

Social media is a new technology wave of Mass Brainstorming of thoughts & a good transparent view of the world to development but world politicians are blocking with black false cyber jihad Painted pages to
<<<<<<<<<====<<<<<=====<<<<========= Pull “US” 4m D Development Path.

Pune Terror attack & Bangalore Hindu violence deals videos like this Hindu, Muslim, Christian, sick, who ever it may be USA, Pakistan, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi where ever it may be they just want to
<<<<<<<<<====<<<<<=====<<<<========= Pull “US” 4m D Development Path.

From the last 7 years Indian Natural Resources are extracted in a huge corrupted way finally the corrupt generated money flowed to black accounts these black money lockers are in west land and money turned to dollars means finally Dollar increased Rupee decreased to
<<<<<<<<<====<<<<<=====<<<<========= Pull “US” 4m D Development Path.

Some false stories are created on neighbors that their army(china) marching towards India Pakistan promoting terror, India promoting terror on PAK in “Kashmir”. Like this there are lots of rammers on neighbors to
<<<<<<<<<====<<<<<=====<<<<========= Pull “US” 4m D Development Path.

Add UR pulled experiences to this post 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

{Re-articulation} on Indian economy

Why family-run corporates are still among the top in India Inc {original article title}

( )

{Because they rule these businesses as dictators & run the Government with their combined corruption policies. } Planet mirror’s Ramnarayan's Re-articulation.

Original article by Medha Kudaisya
Re-articulated by {Ramnarayan} {Planet mirror}
Family capitalism is here to stay! It remains the predominant form of modern capitalism in India.
RAM: {Forceful domination}
RAM:     -Indian economy (Indian economy means common man difficult earning rich person lavish spending) used to rules & run by Rajas, after some time with some Big business families & politicians now also a part of the economy was in the hands of some business families & politicians but major part got globalized (Economy Globalization Means rich countries control on remaining countries economy.)
The 'Buddenbrooks syndrome', that tells us that businesses run by the third generation tend to run out of stream and lose their dynamism, can safely be laid to rest, at least as far as Indian business is concerned. Family business remains the most dynamic and persistent form of business organisation, as the 2012 list of the country's Top CEOs' shows.
RAM:    Family capitalism was a predominant capitalism in India. It’s a Forceful domination in our country presently running third or thirtieth generation if the growth seed are corrupted all upcoming generation will also get corrupt. in the 1800’s these business families are very few sill they played several dirty plays to get business now these families were little bit increased and also global business got Flat, with the increase of business corrupt tactics also increased new families invented New corrupt modules which were effect Indians growth very badly Ex: - Reliance Ambani’s family

If one were to look at medium and small-scale manufacturing and at the retail sector the picture would not be much different. History shows us the inseparableness of family and the business firm, the rootedness of the firm in culture and local community, the importance of 'status' in commercial practice and the necessity of understanding the family firm in the totality of its relationships in the South Asian context. What is fascinating is the continuing resilience of the family firm in the new context of liberalisation.

RAM:   { These type of rootedness culture come in to picture in the medieval history of India when some people became more selfish and they used every social tool for their selfish growth means some selfish groups of people framed cast system & spreaded some social evils in the society in the name of god & wrongly interpreted the Vedas in the society. These selfish groups spoiled real Indian cultures finally they became brutal dictators & these small groups of people grabbed the entire society money & power to their hands. From then two big evils took birth the in society those are Rich & Poor. Form then till now rich is getting richer Poor becoming poorer. Generations’ together These Rich group’s culture is to squeeze Poor’s Blood & flesh. Now these Rich changed their name as Entreasure their stupid tricks became commercial practices. With reference to South Asian family Group business context these are the true facts in the Roots.

Yet those that have survived beyond the third and fourth generation have gone to great efforts to transform themselves, have managed inter-generational succession, have kept family conflicts out of board rooms and have incorporated managerial capitalism. Family capitalism can no longer be thought of as conservative and backward as the skeptics of family businesses view them.

RAM:   {Some of the present 3rd & 4th generations were still fighting for survival. Some are away for the racing track & enjoying the interests of reserves. Some are Re-engineering the traditional business and with some successes spreading their business to wide range like Kumar mangalam Birla. Today’s generations were facing global challenges in the open economy. What ever the generations it may be business strategies didn’t changed, still most of the business runs with the collation of ruling Government not with the social interest these 3rd & 4th generations were not only inventing in new business process their corrupt strategies also globalizing. Generations changed, year’s numbers changed but the business brains are with same stuff.

As the 2012 list shows, much of the leadership of these firms has been trained in the world's best business schools. Ratan Tata has a degree from Cornell, Azim Premji trained at Stanford,
Anand Mahindra has an MBA from the Harvard, Kumar Mangalam Birla has a London Business School degree.

RAM:     {This is the bad fate of India event though the top listed leaders passed out form the Best B-Schools of the world they can’t apply those ideal Business concepts in India. Indian business was in a stage that we were not able to decide who spoiled whom? is the past generations spoiled or the political environment or west countries curse. Even though our economy was in the hands of well educated leaders our growth was still a lazy Bear.

These are not new groups, although their business aggressiveness and their ability to think in global terms is a new phenomenon, which has been sharpened by the more pro-business atmosphere of the post 1980s. Not surprisingly many of the larger groups have incorporated managerial capitalism with family capitalism since at least the 1970s and have thus been able to rise to the challenges of liberalisation. Further, daughters are increasingly becoming part of succession planning, inheriting assets and entering boardrooms. Prime examples would be Manjushree Khaitan of the BK Birla Group and Priya and Priti Paul of the Apeejay Surendra Group.

RAM:     {Even though there is a huge need of new products & processes, even though there is a hug demand for new business our Indian closed Business minds didn’t allowed new players. Not allowing new player in to our ground was a big united strategy of our business Families. Some of the new kids tried to set up a interlink cable with the global business but still our business was not transparent mirror.

What is clear is that business as an actor has been able to negotiate several different regimes - the Nehruvian period was an especially difficult one when business, which was hoping to be a player in the newly independent nation state, was sidelined by the general anti-business rhetoric, the licenses and permits.
RAM:     Indian independence phase is the worst stage in Indian economy. Our economy had bad seeds in the initial stages with Fear, Closed thoughts, political & business family’s selfish strategies, huge free hand spending for nation building, and great business minds partition like this there are lot of issue which was affected our Indian economy base that is the reason now we are facing some land slides

There was brief relief in the 1960s but it proved to be too short lived. A worsening atmosphere came thereafter epitomized by Indira Gandhi's disdainful comments such as 'our private enterprise is more private than enterprising.' It is only with liberalisation that the private sector is beginning to be seen as a legitimate partner by the state.

RAM:    After Nehru rule India started thinking apart for the nation building. Then the public policy makers started thinking about future Business image of India but still some politicians and some selfish big private business families influenced our business strategies. At the same time India passed through the internal & external safety challenges. Indira’s emergency thoughts also showed some long term business deficits. Liberalization was started but in a closed boundaries. At this time some foreign companies & countries started influencing Indian economy indirectly for the remaining resources of India. The foreign companies strategically planed & kept Indian economy in their control for future decades with the name of private liberalization.

This new scenario has been enthusiastically received and channelised into measures, which have made private enterprise globally competitive. These measures include corporate restructuring, focusing on core competencies, implementing management changes and enhancing competitiveness as they aspire to global status. Larger groups have shown concerns that 'reputation' and 'high brand equity' should not be compromised in the face of rapid expansion and major acquisitions.

RAM:     Present Indian scenario should be a 25 years past scenario in growth perspective. But form 2010 Indian economy was traveling towards dark side because of Indian political instability & global economical slowdown effect. (our flashing growth was interlinked with global economy especially with USA economy). Indian private enterprises should go global otherwise they can’t survive in the global competition that is the reason they are investments went global. Most of the Indian organizations doing propaganda that we were globalize with “D” graded outsourcing services they were showcasing poor locals that we operate globally & our organization competing globally but their product & services standers are too much low with the global standers some of the organizations are competing with Indian natural resources foreign investors also came to us for our rich natural resources only. We all are aspiring to get global status but our practices are not matching for that status. Still our 'reputation' and 'high brand equity' are with in the country local business incorrect influences.}

Not surprisingly, the Tatas were among the earliest groups to implement a new code of ethics and 'brand equity Business Promotion agreement' and a 'Tata Business Excellence Model.' A confident private sector has gone on a global acquisitions spree with fierce aggressiveness.
The acquisitions are impressive especially.

Amongst the most symbolic is the takeover from Ford of Jaguar and Land Rover which heralds the acquisition of a 'symbol of British style', the makers of 'James Bond's new wheels' and 'Inspector Morse's classic.'

Godrej is aspiring to global status through acquisitions of local brands in the personal care line and the AV Birla group in aluminum and carbon black.
RAM: May be now Tatas were implementing a new code of ethics and 'brand equity Business Promotion agreement' and a 'Tata Business Excellence Model.' But their history contains some black pages; they also have some bad roots beneath the ground. Even though some wings are acquiring prestigious product manufacturers like Jaguar and Land Rover but still at roots cultures are same

However, this could only be maintained if the pro-business atmosphere which was inaugurated with the economic reforms of the late 1980s and especially post 1991 is sustained. Unfortunately, this seems to be evaporating in the UPA II dispensation. Family business has thrived under liberalisation and has been able to forge meaningful links with MNCs in a confident way.
The next challenge that lies before family business relates to what may happen to the retail sector, particularly in the context of the issue of entry of FDI. Walmart and 'Mom and Pop' run retail shops need not necessarily be adversaries. There may exist develop complementarities through the forging of relationships to mutual advantage. In any case the investment in logistics and supply chain would ultimately benefit the lower and medium segments of the retail sector energizing the vibrant bazaar component of the Indian economy.

RAM:     {How ever Before 1991 politicians (policy makers) will be feed through some 10 to 20 big business families that is the reason they got what ever the policy which they want. But after 1991 libaralisation the politicians (policy makers) feeding program also globalized. With Multinationals feeds they started doing policies according to the MNC needs. With these policies the local companies suffered lot still when we offer FDI in some sectors like retile the local companies with the support of local social bodies making some agitations. But still the central political parties are getting huge feed from the Multination companies especially from the UAS. If the USA need to retain the past business glory they need to expand their business to as much as many countries. Our Prime minister was an acting doll in the hands of UPA leader sonia, UPA leader sonia was an acting doll in the hands of USA & other west countries. So UPA –II or else any other Government should act according to the rich countries needs. Indian economy depends upon the rich countries economy. What ever the day If they felt Best & Great then we can have 2 meals a day otherwise_________. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A BIG BLIND FIGHT for nothing

These Daily made False NEWS, Weekly releasing cultural killer movies, Monthly political scams were spoiled most of the peoples mindsets beyond these today’s people were not able to think, beyond this we were not able to develop.

So many people are living like this, who studied engineering & who had educated in a good school or with wise parents they are earning above 20K, remaining were earning below 10K. In some families entire 4 member salaries we not cross even 10K.

Some other small % of people who spend less money & less efforts to earn huge profits but for them self they spend lot we usually call them as Politician or Business men. There won’t be much change in this small % of people form the last million decades they are like that, they’ll be like that. 

The other major % of people who will be called as middle & upper middle and also some poor people’s mind sets were getting Spoiled, Struck, Sucking, Slaughtered very badly as follows. 

Daily when they woke up from a room where they can’t stretch their arms freely, they took a wealthy business man cheep written new paper or they switch on another wealthy business person’s cheep made NEWS TV channel.
All these wealthy fatty business persons try to increase the blood pressure of reader or views with Red blooded words of an accident or some forecasting political fear or some political drama fight or some Baba’s bold sex tapes or with dragon cartooned price hike topics. 

With the raised blood pressure so called common men/women take his breakfast with rapid speed and also prepare his/her lunch box and then starts his run for his next day livelihood. In the rushed bus or shared auto or petrol shared bike they one will exchange their words with other about morning seen or read foolish false Knowledge for few mints after that the accelerators will be pressed & twisted with high pressure to reach work place. 

In the office, college, school all will perform with dissatisfaction someone wont like the nature of job, someone think “ I studied something I am doing some other thing”, in school & college they want to study some other subject but with inner & outer social reasons they are studying something else where they won’t feel it as passion. For some the salary was very low but they got that job only for this passed our college brand & quality and also with the Wight or recommendation. 

So like this the major % of the people was spending their major % of life in these unlikely Rooms. 

When they turn back to their home with lot of traffic struggles. Some will be busy in preparing Dinner some will be busy in Procuring Food materials. When they are having their dinner they will get some time that time will be again used for the Made socio, Political, commercial, entertainment News or some will be with those TV shows which will kill the thought process of our Rich culture with confusing other cultural concepts. 

In these programs they won’t know when they completed their dinner. The clock’s shows that its 11:15 again today also as like every day this common men/women will go for a half sleep with 36 degrees of night temperature even though in the November month also. 

When they got a week off, for few 2 days week off in those days also they will be bit busy with the preparations for next week’s livelihood. In that bit busy day they’ll get a half day to get relax or to get entertain. These poor mild minded person will search for the true relax & entertainment but after a long search they get a cultural killer & though process murdering Movie, even though they know it’s now a True relax & good entertainer still they choose that because they don’t have any other option left. All other options were brutally raped & killed by the selfish Business men who showcase false & with that false they want to earn huge money. 

With the end of the false entertainment show you will get to know that your week off was over like other past Million of weeks. Again you need to get warmed up for livelihood Run. 

After some Billions weeks I got some little time to write this in this Sunday.